What the hell does Mercury in Retrograde mean?

And how you can survive it with the help of yoga

Have you recently heard the phrase Mercury in Retrograde? It's going around, and you've probably heard of it more recently because, mercury is in retrograde!

Quickly becoming one of the most quoted statements - and feared - astrological events, Mercury in retrograde is used to help explain anything from a brain fart to technological breakdowns. The phenomenon attracts the attention of anyone from bankers in Canary Wharf to yoga teachers alike. Whether you believe in astrology or not, Mercury in Retrograde is said to be one of the few astrological phenomenons that affects everyone in the same way.

What is Mercury in Retrograde?

Mercury is known as the red planet, closest to the sun. It is the fastest moving planet in the Solar System, circling the sun every 88 days. When a planet is in "retrograde", they appear to be moving backwards in the sky (only if you know which way Mercury moves in the first place). Mercury is not actually moving backwards though, it's all an optical illusion. It is in fact, just moving slower than usual. Have you ever been on a train and another train passes by, and for a split second, the faster train seems to be moving backwards? This is the same effect that happens in Retrograde when Mercury passes the Earth.

So what's the big fuss?

Mercury is known by astrologers as the planet that rules expression, communication and logical reasoning. This includes our mental capacity to process information, communicate with others and learn new things. Apparently, this also includes our technology and information exchange systems.

So when Mercury is in retrograde, the normal flow of energy is reversed. Ideas seem to get stuck in our minds, we can't seem to get our words out and we make silly mistakes when trying to communicate ideas. The same can occur in our digital communications: receiving weird e-mails? Mercury in Retrograde. Said your real thoughts instead of the polite one you spent so long curating? Mercury in Retrograde. Suddenly lose all your followers? Mercury in Retrograde.

You may also experience

- Falling out with friends

- Experiencing misunderstandings

- Travel, logic and communication getting disrupted

- Emails getting lost

- Flights being delayed

- Other misfortune

Well this sounds serious! When is Mercury in Retrograde?

Although it might feel like it's happening all the time, it only takes place three times a year for three weeks at a time. Oh, and it's happening right now.

In 2020, Mercury in Retrograde will occur during the following dates

February 17 - March 10

June 18 - July 12

October 14 - November 3

Make sure to mark your calendars to be fully prepared for a shit storm.

What can I do to stop the madness?

The greatest advice we can give you during these tough times is

Take a pause

Before you speak, just take a pause to collect your words. Don't rush yourself to say anything if you don't know what. Sometimes, silence is better than sending haphazard mixed messages. It's also an important time to give people their space. Mercury in Retrograde can cause our minds to move too fast without forming our thoughts and can cause people to talk over each other. If you've ever been to a yoga class, you might be use to the few moments before the physical practice where you centre yourself. This practice during conversations can help you stay grounded.