NAMA-SLAY yourself to greatness

We understand that yoga can be a scary and intimidating new journey to start, in particularly if you do not feel very flexible or fit. But we are here to tell you that at Yonder, yoga is for every BODY. We don't care what you look like, how flexible you are or how much your leggings are. We encourage you to come and start practising where you are at with your body and feel the wonders it can do for your joints, back pain anxiety, depression, digestion and fitness.

  • Yoga tone and strengthens the core, arms, legs, glutes, back and many stabiliser muscles

  • No matter your experience level, just a few yoga classes can improve flexibility and reduce minor aches and pains caused by tight muscles.

  • Many yoga poses increases flow of oxygen and blood to vital organs and extremities, and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Yoga has been shown to stabilise the nervous system's response to stress and increases levels of oxytocin and serotonin, which can help dramatically reduce depression and anxiety.

  • By adding this one healthy habit, you form the foundation for many others to promote self-care. The mind body connection that you develop in your classes can help you stay aware of how you're doing, and take measures to rebalance when necessary 

Benefits of Yoga


  • "I'm not flexible enough for yoga" We can't say it enough, you DO NOT need to be flexible to do yoga! Yoga is not acrobatics, or gymnastics or perfect poses. Yoga is simply about feeling and working into your body whatever your body type or flexibility.

  • "Yoga is for hippies" Many people are put off by what they perceive as the esoteric, spiritual nature of yoga. And while some yoga classes might include some element of this, our classes are real and down to Earth. We may burn a little incense, play some relaxing music and turn the lights down real low, but purely to create a space conducive to relaxation.

  • "I'm not fit enough/too fit for yoga" There are styles and levels of yoga for every fitness level and ability.

  • "Yoga is for women" UNTRUE! Traditionally, yogis are male. Some men who take yoga include, Robert Downey Jr, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Megos.

  • "Everyone will be better than me" Yoga is about awareness not competition. Its about building a practice for yourself. Everyone has their own body, which will be more or less strong and flexible than others. It's about working with your own body.

Have more questions?


Don't feel overwhelmed when you first arrive at yoga - everyone is there for the exact same reason, to do yoga. Arrive 5-10 minutes early. You can introduce yourself to your teacher and let them know if you have any injuries. Then find yourself a mat and relax and flow through your session with your teacher guiding you. Don't worry about whether you're doing it right or if you get confused. Even seasoned yogis get things mixed up!


You do not need a pair of LuLu Lemons to do yoga. Come in whatever is comfortable. Shorts, tracksuit bottoms, leggings etc. Women might find it comfortable to wear a top that won't fall over their heads in downward facing poses. 


We understand there are lots of different classes and styles to choose from so we've tried to make it as easy as possible here

Our introductory offer also gives you the freedom to try unlimited classes for 21 days, so you can find a class, style, time and teacher that suits you best. If you are completely new to yoga, you might be interested to try our Yoga Foundation classes. 


Firstly, just sign-up with us here. Then follow the instructions to book your first class! Easy as pie. You can also download the Mindbody app on the Apple Store or Play Store, find our studio there and book via the app.