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Chrissie has a natural gift for compassion and intuition which she uses to tailor her sessions to suit the client's needs

Swedish | Deep Tissue | Thai Deep Stretch | Thai Yoga Massage

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About Chrissie

Chrissie's massage journey began in 2015 where she undertook a course in Thai Massage in Bangkok. She fell in love with the movement and the body manipulations associated with it as well as developed an understanding of the rejuvenating effects of massage for the body and mind. She then went on to study Anatomy, Physiology and Massage alongside a Deep Tissue Certificate in London, graduating at the top of her class.


Chrissie believes that massage is a whole body experience, starting with establishing a connection with the client from the moment they walk through the door right to the after-care consultation. Whether it's a full hour of relaxing and reconnecting that they need or half an hour working out the body's knots and tensions from life's stresses, Chrissie always strives to bring mind and spirit back home to a renewed body.

Swedish Holistic:

A gentle massage with smooth sweeping strokes to calm even the most nervous of people. Fantastic for those who have anxiety or would just like a time-out from life’s stresses to recharge.


Deep Tissue:


All elbows on deck for those knots and muscle aches! A thorough consultation is conducted first so we can discuss your lifestyle habits and for me to check in on those tense areas. Fantastic for climbers and those who are really into their training but need guidance on muscle care post-workout.


Thai Deep Stretch:


A milder version of Thai Yoga Massage where the treatment is carried out on a mattress. Chrissie uses her body weight focused through her palms and thumbs to release tension in the body’s acupressure points. Expect to feel released from all that physical and emotional baggage you didn’t realise you’ve been holding onto.


£30 for 30 mins

£50 for 60 mins


£225 for 5 x 60 minute sessions (£25 off)

£410 for 10 x 60 minute sessions (£90 off)