with Anastasia

”I believe each moment taken to allow our mind and body to rest, re-connect and refresh through massage not only aids personal wellbeing but also carries out your rejuvenated energy to people around you.”

Anastasia' journey in massage therapy began with Swedish and holistic treatments followed by deep tissue techniques, acupressure studies and most recently advanced therapeutic techniques to release muscular tension and help the body’s natural ability to restore energy balance.

What she offers?


I currently practice deep tissue massage which I enjoy to combine with classic Swedish techniques and acupressure methods to help to let go of muscular tension, aid deep relaxation and soothe the nervous system. Medium to hard pressure + stretching.

A usual session would include: consultation, massage treatment tailored to your needs and aftercare advice.


­Who is it for?


Someone looking to reduce muscular and nervous tension, stiffness and improve joint mobility.


Benefits of deep tissue massage:


- Boosts recovery process by stimulating circulatory system and lymphatic system;

- Increase range of motion;

- Reduce stiffness;                    

- Promoted relaxation, reduces muscular and nervous tension;


When is a good time for massage?

Deep tissue massage can feel like an intensive work on the body which compresses and stretches the tissues and isn’t advised to undertake after full on workout. Ideally, you want your muscles to be relatively relaxed and not in a very tired state.

Because deep tissue work releases waste products at the cellular level—it may leave you slightly sore or in some cases bruised. Thinking of deep tissue massage as workout can help plan your treatments more strategically.

After a deep tissue session please note that its best to take next 24 hours easy to allow body fully recover.


When you shouldn’t take a massage:

-  Straight after a heavy meal

- Straight after intense exercise;

- After an injury;

- If you have any other medical conditions or allergies contraindicating the treatment;

- After any alcohol or drug intake.


Price: £50 for 60 min

          £70 for 90 min